‘No Safe Spaces’ successfully completes crowdfunding!

postedJune 23, 2017  ·  byDangerous Documentaries

On June 23, 2017, Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager hit their crowdfunding goal of $500,000 to create No Safe Spaces. We congratulate our friends on that accomplishment. With that goal met, to help bring this documentary to the forefront of the national discourse, Dangerous Documentaries will match that amount with $500,000 of our own financing for the film.

As the crowdfunding campaign approached its end, the film received even more press:


In an interview with One News Now, Dennis Prager said “there’s a crisis of enormous proportions about what’s happening on  our campuses…the infantilization of a generation.”


“The Left used to dominate film, but in recent years, conservatives and libertarians have been catching up,” National Review reported.


Adam Carolla said he plans to expose “the hysteria and lunacy taking place at universities” on the Lars Larson Show.


“The team behind ‘No Safe Spaces’ boasts it’s the movie Hollywood refuses to make,” the Daily Wire reported.


In an interview on Fox Business, Adam Carolla said “the reason Dennis Prager and I are making this movie is because Hollywood would not make this movie.”

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