The Jack Kemp Playbook

Released July 28, 2020
The film is available now on Fox Nation.

As a pro quarterback and statesman, Jack Kemp fought to unite Americans around a vision of shared prosperity and freedom.  Some call him the most influential Republican never to hold the Oval Office. This is his life story, hosted by Brit Hume and told by the political leaders who knew him best, including Larry Kudlow, Steve Moore, Paul Ryan, and more.

Cast & Crew

  • Host Brit Hume
  • Writer, Director, and Executive Producer Andrew Walworth
  • Editor and Co-Producer John Sorenson
  • Additional Editing Gerald Goldman and Joshua Meyers
  • Producer Joseph (Jake) Klein
  • Executive Producer Scott Walter
  • Director of Photography Ian Reid
  • Executive Producers for Fox Nation John Finley and Brian Gaffney