‘No Safe Spaces’ is crowdfunding NOW and is getting tons of press!

postedJune 9, 2017  ·  byDangerous Documentaries

On May 24, Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager launched a crowdfunding campaign for their film No Safe Spaces, a documentary that reveals the most dangerous place in America for ideas: college campuses. Dangerous Documentaries will match every dollar raised if the campaign reaches its goal of $500,000 by June 25th.

In No Safe Spaces, Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager take on trigger warnings and political correctness by venturing forth to the front lines. They plan to meet those with opposing views and express the importance of free speech.

College campuses used to epitomize the market place of ideas by cultivating an environment that encouraged discourse and debate. However, universities have devolved into institutions that squelch opposing views, ultimately endangering the First Amendment on their campuses.

No Safe Spaces has received a vast amount of media attention:


The Washington Times wrote the film will “take aim at coddled college students.”


LifeZette interviewed Dennis Prager about No Safe Spaces, which will reveal what the “modern college student activist who marches against free speech and concepts such as cultural appropriation has to say for himself.”


To help crowdfund No Safe SpacesWorld Net Daily reported that Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager promise to “sweeten the pot with a variety of perks for donors.”


On The Resurgent, Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager discussed how “colleges have radically changed from institutions of higher learning to indoctrination centers.”


Comedian Dennis Miller reacted to No Safe Spaces on Fox Business. He thinks “it’s absolutely insane” that once “open minded launchpads” are stifling free speech.


Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager plan to “expose the lunacy of so-called safe space,” the Daily Wire reported.


Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager “examine how political correctness has affected college campuses” in “No Safe Spaces,” Townhall reported.


The Weekly Standard featured the film writing that Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager “aim to show how ‘how so many terrible, horrible, no good, very bad ideas have ruined college for young people and now threaten to ruin the country by creating a nation of precious snowflakes who are scared of their own shadows. And while the topic is serious, we can’t resist making this a funny film.'”


Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager are visiting college campuses to “stir up storms of snowflakes” in No Safe Spaces, Frank Miniter of Forbes said.


Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla “are turning to the nation’s conservative community” to help fund the No Safe Spaces documentary, Blasting News reported.


Listen to Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla discuss No Safe Spaces on the Adam Carolla show.


Breitbart interviewed Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager. “If Americans understand what the Left has done to the universities, it will understand what it is doing and what it will do to America,” Prager said.


Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager went on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the film.


The Hollywood Reporter first announced the launch of the crowdfunding campaign.

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