Check Out Clips From Our Interviews In “No Safe Spaces”!

postedAugust 21, 2018  ·  byDangerous Documentaries

Since we began production on Dangerous Documentaries’ first feature film No Safe Spaces, we’ve had the opportunity to interview a number of names at the center of America’s free speech debate. We’ve released a couple clips with those names to help wet your appetite for the film, which will release in the Spring of 2019.

We’ve interviewed Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychologist and professor at University of Toronto who was has become a household name since refusing to be forced to use gender non-binary pronouns as potentially mandated by Canadian bill C-16 (that bill has since passed).

We’ve interviewed Alan Dershowitz, who has been teaching law at Harvard University for many years and earned the ire of his fellow liberals for defending Donald Trump all over the news regarding to the Mueller investigation.

We’ve interviewed Tim Allen and a panel of comedians about how difficult performing comedy on college campuses has become.

We’ve interviewed Dave Rubin, whose YouTube show The Rubin Report has become an important host for open and free intellectual discussion.

And we’ve interviewed many more central figures of the free speech debate such as Bret Weinstein, Lindsay Shepard, Greg Lukianoff, and left-wing allies on the issue including Van Jones and Cornel West. But you may have to wait until the movie comes out to see more!

For more clips from the film and Adam Carolla’s congressional testimony, check out the playlist on our YouTube channel.

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