Adam Carolla testifies to Congress on behalf of ‘No Safe Spaces’

postedJuly 28, 2017  ·  byDangerous Documentaries

On July 27, 2017, the House Oversight and Reform Committee held a “Challenges to Freedom of Speech on College Campuses” hearing to understand how this constitutional right is being squelched across the United States.

We are proud to see our colleague, comedian Adam Carolla, testify before Congress. He was invited for his involvement in our upcoming feature film, No Safe Spaces. The documentary is set to chronicle how once launchpads of free speech devolved into institutions of safe spaces and trigger warnings.

Before the hearing, Carolla published an op-ed in the Daily Beast titled, “There’s Nothing Funny About Campuses Chilling Free Speech.” Carolla said colleges should not teach students to retreat from debate but to “charge intellectually into it.”

“We must understand that we have the right to free expression, not the right to not be offended,” said Carolla. “This fundamental difference is being lost on today’s college campuses.”

During the testimony, Carolla gave his unique perspective along with a few jokes.

Watch the full hearing here:

You can also watch all of Adam Carolla’s clips here:

Carolla’s testimony received national attention. Here is what the media is saying about the hearing:

The Washington Examiner reported that students “broke into cheers as Ben Shapiro was ushered down the hallway with comedian Adam Carolla, both of whom were slated to testify before the committees.”

“Carolla also noted how drastically college campuses have transformed in recent years,” the Washington Free Beacon reported, “pointing out that when he used to do college stops across the country as an entertainer, there was ‘nary a word of negativity.’”

“Comedian Adam Carolla urged college students to be more tolerant of controversial speakers on campus — just like he stomached a Taylor Swift song while shopping at Home Depot,” the New York Post reported in its article on the testimony.

“As if Congress isn’t funny enough, Adam Carolla showed up at a hearing Thursday to deliver his views on free speech, multiculturalism, hate speech, white privilege and anything else lawmakers asked about.” wrote Paul Bond of The Hollywood Reporter.

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