At Dangerous Documentaries, we look to help make impactful documentaries aligned with our mission.

We are looking for projects that tell strong, cinematic stories, explore the vision of a free society and individual rights (and our obstacles to achieving that vision), and have a clear point of view and artistic vision.  If you are working on a documentary and looking for fiscal sponsorship or financing, we welcome you to apply.

We accept unsolicited submissions through our general application process. Any filmmaker wishing to submit their project must include a TREATMENT, BUDGET, VIDEO SAMPLE, and SIGNED APPLICATION FORM (more information on each below). Please attach these documents as PDFs and submit your complete application via email to [email protected].


Your treatment should give us an introduction to the project, the film team and the vision for the film, and cover these topics:

  • Logline: 1-3 sentences
  • Project Synopsis
  • Summary of Director’s Vision/Film’s Style & Tone
  • Relevant Background Information on the Subject or Topic
  • Film Team Bios: Director, Producer and other key crew (including Editor, Director of Photograply, and Executive Producers when applicable)
  • Current Stage of the Film 
  • Timeline / Proposed Schedule


Please include a full budget and a breakdown of current financing information for the film including: funds raised to date, their sources, and the amount needed to finish the full film (through post-production and finishing). Please specify weather you are looking for fiscal sponsorship, financing, or both.


We encourage you to share whatever video sample you think best demonstrates the topic, narrative arc, and tone of your project. For projects in development or early production, we suggest you send a Teaser or Trailer. For those further along in production or post-production, you are welcome to share a longer sample, e.g. a Reel, Extended Scene Selects, or a Full Rough Cut. Please share your sample via link (Vimeo is usually best!).


Please complete and sign our official submissions form to include in your application. We require this signed form before reviewing any submission due to the fact that we receive many submissions with overlapping topics; please note we CANNOT accept any submission without this form. You can download the form here.